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While the norm in most parts of Silicon Valley is to ignore the law for the sake of righting security flaws — many see it as woefully outdated and vaguely written — that’s not the case for every company’s approach to security. “One of the really perverse realities of being online today is there’s not a real legal framework of what you should be doing when you come to a security vulnerability,” Rice said. “That has created a pretty significant chilling effect.” Hackers and independent security researchers fear prosecution if they report vulnerabilities.

Nate Cardozo, a lawyer at the Electronic Frontier Foundation who works on the organization’s Coders’ Rights Project , described two disparate approaches to cybersecurity. One is the open-source approach that’s been embraced by the academic and computer science communities, where source code is publicly available for vetting in the way an academic paper is subject to peer review. The other is “security through obscurity,” which Cardozo described as, “We defend our product by keeping the source code proprietary.” Security through obscurity is looked down on by most in the tech community, Cardozo said, but it’s the approach favored by many in the elections community. That’s why those who find vulnerabilities in state election systems or in the systems of vendors used by states — the private companies that manufacture voting machines and election software — might be less likely to report them.

Neil Jenkins, a former Department of Homeland Security official and the current chief analytic officer of the Cyber Threat Alliance, agreed that election security is lacking when it comes to handling independent reports of security vulnerabilities. The norms are different, Jenkins said, in part because there’s a more adversarial relationship between election security researchers and private vendors of election software and equipment. “There’s not a lot of trust between people who have done research on elections systems vulnerabilities and vendors,” he said .

A recent example of this lack of trust comes from Georgia. In 2017, security researcher Logan Lamb found that voter information from the Georgia secretary of state’s office was available online after he ran a script on the website for Kennesaw State University’s Center for Election Systems, which was responsible for testing some of the state’s voting machines. Lamb reported the problem to the center and was told by the executive director that if he talked about the vulnerability, “the people downtown, the politicians … would crush” him, according to an interview Lamb gave to Politico Magazine . Later, after the vulnerability became public, Lamb was investigated by the FBI.

The potential for legal trouble could be seen as daunting to many who want to report security breaches. Cardozo said that because of the legal gray area, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has created practical guidelines for hackers and security researchers hoping to responsibly report a vulnerability to entities that might not be used to receiving them.

A "for" statement with a ForClause is also controlled by its condition, but additionally it may specify an init and a post statement, such as an assignment, an increment or decrement statement. The init statement may be a Cupro Skirt fild flowers lines by VIDA VIDA Store Cheap Online Discount Codes Clearance Store jzgPP7Y
, but the post statement must not. Variables declared by the init statement are re-used in each iteration.

If non-empty, the init statement is executed once before evaluating the condition for the first iteration; the post statement is executed after each execution of the block (and only if the block was executed). Any element of the ForClause may be empty but the semicolons are required unless there is only a condition. If the condition is absent, it is equivalent to the boolean value true .

A "for" statement with a "range" clause iterates through all entries of an array, slice, string or map, or values received on a channel. For each entry it assigns iteration values to corresponding iteration variables if present and then executes the block.

The expression on the right in the "range" clause is called the range expression , which may be an array, pointer to an array, slice, string, map, or channel permitting receive operations . As with an assignment, if present the operands on the left must be addressable or map index expressions; they denote the iteration variables. If the range expression is a channel, at most one iteration variable is permitted, otherwise there may be up to two. If the last iteration variable is the Camile 08 Womens Ankle Boots Gerry Weber Cost Cheap Price Fashion Style Cheap Online For Sale Wholesale Price Cheap Sale Prices With Credit Card Cheap Price 76Q5pHfH
, the range clause is equivalent to the same clause without that identifier.

The range expression x is evaluated once before beginning the loop, with one exception: if at most one iteration variable is present and len(x) is constant , the range expression is not evaluated.

Function calls on the left are evaluated once per iteration. For each iteration, iteration values are produced as follows if the respective iteration variables are present:

The iteration values are assigned to the respective iteration variables as in an assignment statement .

The iteration variables may be declared by the "range" clause using a form of Cupro Skirt cosmic red skirt 3 by VIDA VIDA Cheap Fast Delivery Cheap Sale Low Price Cool Free Shipping Visa Payment Free Shipping Prices R6YRCLzz0q
( := ). In this case their types are set to the types of the respective iteration values and their scope is the block of the "for" statement; they are re-used in each iteration. If the iteration variables are declared outside the "for" statement, after execution their values will be those of the last iteration.

A "go" statement starts the execution of a function call as an independent concurrent thread of control, or goroutine , within the same address space.

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